The Epic Battle for the Most Fatherless Generation in History

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A Battle Is Raging for This Generation

The role of a father is one of the most influential roles in a person's life. Yet an unprecedented number of men are abandoning this noble calling. As a result, we see violence and poverty on the rise, families broken and a lost generation immersed in immorality and corruption.

In this dynamic, powerful book, bestselling author Kris Vallotton reveals that the war for culture starts with the battle for men's hearts. With passion and insight, he gives men the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their souls, eradicate the orphan spirit and fully step into their God-given destinies.

It's time for an epic awakening that unites generations, inspires change and empowers the hearts of men. It's time for men to become mighty again, restoring fractured families and unleashing life in a culture of death. 

It's time for an uprising.

"Men of this generation desperately need a wake-up call. Kris Vallotton issues the call with compassion and conviction."--Samuel Rodriguez, president and CEO, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"With very practical strategies and examples, Uprising provides a roadmap where all trails lead home and dads fulfill their God-given purpose."--Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor, Free Chapel; New York Times bestselling author


"Kris Vallotton fearlessly addresses the plight of fatherlessness through a hope filled lens of generational reconciliation. This book will leave you equipped and empowered to pursue the Malachi Mandate and join the fight that will impact the here and now while also creating a long-lasting legacy of families with Christ at the center."

Dante Bowe, worship leader and songwriter; Grammy nominee and Dove Award winner

"As someone who is raising four boys, the call to equip the next generation to walk in godly masculinity is close to my heart. Kris challenges what culture has told us is normal and calls us back to God's design for the family. His message is timely and significant!"

Havilah Cunnington, founder, Truth to Table

"This might be the most important book of the decade. Our true Father is yearning to heal fatherlessness in our world. Let's agree with His plan!"

John Eldredge, bestselling author, Wild at Heart

"Uprising captures Kris Vallaton's passion for reconciling the generations by connecting fathers to their families at a time when every force of evil is focused on dividing and conquering. With very practical strategies and examples, Uprising provides a roadmap where all trails lead home and dads fulfill their God-given purpose."

Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor, Free Chapel; New York Times bestselling author

"Kris Vallotton calls out fatherlessness as the scourge of our time in this excellent book. He doesn't just identify the problem--he gives real solutions. When I was a police officer in Los Angeles, I saw firsthand the devastation of an entire culture when fathers abandon their role of raising their children. I couldn't agree more with Kris as he calls men back to our mandate of raising the next generation to love and obey God."

Ken Harrison, chairman, Promise Keepers

"The profound message contained in this book has been forming in the heart of my friend and author for many years. I have watched the process with amazement and excitement, knowing it would find its way into print. And while everything Kris has written to date has had a powerful impact on how we think and live, Uprising may, in fact, shape us and our nation as much as all the others combined. I hope it does, as it is that important. I don't remember being as excited for the release of another author's book as I am for this one.
"Our world is crying out for answers, all while falling for lies and delusions that bring destruction in the process. Culturally we lack the biblical moorings that anchor a nation in truth. Uprising brings us back to our foundations, as it contains the blueprint of heaven for bringing healing to families and, ultimately, the nations of the world. But it starts with the restoration of the individual. And while Kris addresses men and fathers throughout, his message equally benefits women. I pray that this book will circle the world and become the book that politicians, professors, CEOs, religious leaders and leaders in the fields of science and medicine turn to in difficult times. If this book becomes the lens through which people interpret cultural challenges, we will have answers that generate healing, positively affecting multiple generations. Read this book. Prayerfully read this book. And let's see what might happen in our lifetime."

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, California; author, Open Heavens and Born for Significance

"I have had the honor of knowing the Vallotton family for years. Today, more than ever, we need sons, husbands and fathers who will show Jesus to the world by loving their families. It has been a true privilege to watch Kris serve, lead and love God's family so beautifully."

Michael Koulianos, pastor, Jesus Image

"Uprising is not just another book but a message needed for a generation that cuts to the heart and calls us to action. With clarity and conviction, Kris reveals the heart of God for this hour while prophetically and practically inviting us to be a part of His purpose. It is time for fathers to rise up with a passion for sons and daughters. This book will awaken you to God's plan for His children."

Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

"Men of this generation desperately need a wake-up call. In Uprising, Kris Vallotton issues the call with compassion and conviction. Alongside his own story, Vallotton shares his heart for this 'fatherless generation' with the courage and commitment of Nehemiah. Readers will receive an education in the current social landscape and practical, biblical principles for joining the uprising God invites us into as men of faith."

Samuel Rodriguez, lead pastor, New Season Worship; president and CEO, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; author, Persevere with Power; executive producer, Breakthrough and Flamin' Hot (movies)

"They say a dad is 'the anchor upon which his children stand.' I can find no truer words for my dad than these. He has been the greatest source of strength in my life and the one man I know I can count on regardless of the situation. From anxiety and depression to addiction, divorce and remarriage, my father gave me the courage to stand when all my hope was lost. Growing up, I assumed every boy had a father like mine who modeled manhood daily. Sadly, this could not be further from the truth. It is my prayer that through this book, my dad's words will impart the same healing and courage into you that has molded the man I am today."

Jason Vallotton, founder, BraveCo; author, Winning the War Within

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    Kris Vallotton

    Kris Vallotton (www.krisvallotton.com) is the senior associate leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Moral Revolution. Kris is also the founder of Bethel School of Technology, the chairman...

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