Understanding Your Bible in 15 Minutes a Day

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Short, Friendly Beginner's Guide to the Bible

The Bible can be overwhelming. For those unfamiliar with this huge and ancient book, it's hard to even know where to begin. These short, digestible readings answer questions about where the Bible came from, what it's about, and why it matters. Daryl Aaron blends the knowledge of a college professor with the friendly, welcoming tone of a pastor. Broken into forty small chapters, this book is perfect for those who want quick and clear answers to their questions.

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  1. Daryl Aaron
    Photo by: Kimberly Aaron

    Daryl Aaron

    Daryl Aaron earned his MA at the University of Texas-Dallas, his ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary, his DMin at Bethel Theological Seminary, and his PhD at the Graduate Theological Foundation. He spent fourteen years in pastoral ministry followed by twenty...

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