Tracks in the Sand

series: Ally O’Connor Adventures

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His back to the kids, the short man gestured toward a clearing. "They ain't here, Lug," he said.

"I tell you," the tall man replied, "we'll find 'em sooner or later. One shot is all we need, and they're gone."

Ally glanced at Nick, worry creasing her brow. "Do you think the horses are in danger?"

The curious Ally O'Connor, 14-year-old Nick, and three other friends vacationing with their families at the Outer Banks, North Carolina, have heard stories about wild mustangs roaming the protected wildlife area on the island. This visit, they've determined to catch a glimpse of the majestic horses.
But Ally and Nick soon discover someone else is tracking the horses, too. Who are these two mean-sounding men? And is that a rifle one of them is carrying? As Ally, Nick, and the others search for answers, they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Now they must not only rescue the wild mustangs--but each other!

The Author

  1. Mark Littleton

    Mark Littleton

    Mark Littleton and Jeanette Littleton have authored more than 90 books and 5,000 articles, interviews, devotionals, and poems. Mark holds degrees from Colgate University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Jeanette has worked as an editor for a number of...

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