Tired of Being Tired Study Guide

Receive God’s Realistic Rest for Your Soul-Deep Exhaustion

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Go deeper to create space for what actually matters in your life

It's time to rethink the unsustainable pace of life we find ourselves in and receive God's gift of realistic rest.

In Tired of Being Tired, bestselling author and speaker Jess Connolly offers good news to soul-weary women: There is a better way, and it is yours for the taking. In this companion study guide, you'll discover practical ways to apply the biblical truths that will change your life.

You can break the cycle of living like you're constantly on the hook and come to Jesus to find rest for your weary and burdened soul. This study guide will show you how to

· find the source of your fatigue
· set aside shame over your exhaustion
· reset your rhythms and relational patterns
· embrace realistic rest

You were made for a life of abundance, and it is something you can experience today, not just some unreachable future. Let Jess Connolly be your compassionate guide.

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  1. Jess Connolly

    Jess Connolly

    Jess Connolly is the author of several books, including You Are the Girl for the Job and Breaking Free from Body Shame, and coauthor of Wild and Free. She and her husband, Nick, planted Bright City...

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