This Was Your Life!

Preparing to Meet God Face to Face

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How will you feel when you stand before Christ for the judgment of your life? 

This Was Your Life! offers rare teaching on this subject. Readers will learn how they can face Jesus with joy rather than regret and will be challenged to live a life of love, purity, and fruitfulness--a life lived with eternity in mind. 

"Every Christian should read this book," writes Jack Hayford in the foreword. "It is both entertaining and frightening. If entertaining seems glib, know that it is only in the sense that it is highly readable and engrossing. If frightening seems undesirable, know it is only in the sense that one is led to a new awareness of our ultimate accountability for our lives."


"This message was what my soul needed now . . . to be motivated to a greater, more solid way to work for Him."
--Loren Cunningham, president of Youth With a Mission

"This message . . . has shaped my life and rescued me from misspent years."
--John Dawson, best-selling author

The Authors

  1. Rick Howard

    Rick Howard

    Rick Howard speaks internationally and has written several books. He has pastored Peninsula Christian Center (Redwood City, Calif.) for twenty-six years.

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  2. Jamie Lash

    Jamie Lash

    Jamie Lash (M.B.A., Baylor) is director of student development and professor of economics at a Christian university in Dallas. He teaches seminars and writes articles on Christian growth.

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"Rick Howard and Jamie Lash speak with great honesty and urgency to the reader asking, 'Are you ready to die?' . . . Calling us to number our priorities, and knowing who to place in the number one spot, we are reminded of the reason for our existence and what we are running towards; the prize at the finish line depends on how well we've performed on the track."--The Trumpeter

"A life-changing book. Far from a depressing tone of doom and destruction, This Was Your Life! covers nearly every aspect of Christian discipleship recognizing that how we live our lives affects our heavenly rewards."--Woman's Touch (May/June 1999)

"Will stir readers out of concern for themselves and into concern for others. ... This prophetic message explains how the Judgment Seat of Christ shapes our living faith in everything we do. ... An excellent book for a short Bible study course or for individual reading, a strong addition to any library."--Church Libraries (Winter/Spring 1999)