The unGuide to Dating

A He Said/She Said on Relationships

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Forty percent of the U.S. adult population is single. And the majority of those singles feel pressured to find "the one." But dating as an adult is not easy, especially in a culture that targets people under the age of twenty and seemingly ignores everyone else.

Drawing from their own dating experiences and from their work with prominent Christian media outlets, including, Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz offer their thoughts and bewilderments on adult dating relationships--not just to discuss the declining "state of the date" but to give hope and help to adult singles. With insight on everything from meeting someone after college to the much-talked-about issue of sex, their he said/she said style pairs a little bit of vulnerability with a lot of conversation to help singles navigate the pressures, trends, and temptations of dating as an adult.


"Sick of dating guides that read like they were written for 14-year-olds? Pick up this little book, which is straightforward and savvy, and unabashedly grown-up."--Lauren F. Winner, author, Girl Meets God and Real Sex

The Authors

  1. Camerin Courtney

    Camerin Courtney

    Camerin Courtney is an editor and writer for Today's Christian Woman magazine and a popular columnist for the Singles Channel of When she's not writing or helping her suburban Chicago church launch a Gen-X ministry, she enjoys hanging out at...

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  2. Todd Hertz

    Todd Hertz

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"The Unguide to Dating is the best book I have encountered, as it addresses real life issues facing singles. What makes this book work so well is the authors are able to provide thoughtful insights from both a male and female perspective. Whether you are a man or a woman you will find this book to be entertaining reading but more importantly it will be your companion when being single seems overwhelming."--Joe Montague,

"In a time when so much dating advice seems geared towards teenagers, The unGuide provides a much-needed voice for adults navigating the world as singles."--Today's Christian Woman