The Ultimate Middle School Survival Guide

"Do This, Not That" Life Skills for Success

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100 do's and don'ts for navigating middle school

By the time you leave elementary school, you are the oldest, the smartest, the big kid on campus. But the day you enter middle school, everything changes. Your classes get harder. Your friendships are tested. Your body is changing. How do you know what's expected of you now? And how do you keep from embarrassing yourself as you figure it all out?

The Ultimate Middle School Survival Guide is your "do this, not that" guide to nearly everything middle school can throw your way, including

· the first day
· bullies
· cell phone use
· homework
· gossip
· leadership
· friends
· sports
· and more

With real-life hacks, fun illustrations, and lots of true survival stories, this book will get you through middle school like a pro.

The Authors

  1. Jonathan Catherman

    Jonathan Catherman

    Jonathan Catherman is the author of the international bestselling book The Manual to Manhood, as well as Raising Them Ready, Becoming the Next Great Generation, and Guiding the Next Great Generation. He...

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  2. Erica Catherman

    Erica Catherman

    Erica Catherman is the coauthor of The Girls' Guide to Conquering Life and The Girls' Guide to Conquering Middle School. In addition to managing the Catherman family, Erica is a certified yoga and fitness instructor, mentor, and...

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