The Ultimate Journey

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Jim Stovall has penned three delightful parables for anyone who wants to be inspired or give the gift of inspiration. In The Ultimate Gift, Jason Stevens learns to appreciate the value of his life, while in The Ultimate Life, he learns the value of love. Now, in the touching conclusion to the trilogy, Jason learns that life's journey is all about traveling well--not about the destination.

In The Ultimate Journey, readers will discover the secrets of a successful life, including

- money helps pay for the trip, but should never be a destination
- friends make the journey worthwhile
- laughter lightens the load of any rough or rocky uphill road
- time may be allotted in small or large portions but the moment is what counts
- and so much more

Do you know how to make your life a success? The Ultimate Journey packs a powerful message for all ages.

The Author

  1. Jim Stovall

    Jim Stovall

    In spite of blindness, Jim Stovall has been a National Olympic weightlifting champion, a successful investment broker, the president of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network, and a highly sought-after author and platform speaker. He has written...

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