The Triumph of Beauty

God's Radiant Answer for the World’s Growing Darkness

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Discover Hope--and the Heart of Jesus--for the Days Ahead

The world is angry and afraid. Humankind is on a trajectory away from God, against His Church and into increasing darkness--with the darkest hours still ahead. Yet the Father has an unexpected and compassionate answer for the rise of ugliness and violence: a beautiful unified Church of wholehearted followers of Jesus who will put Him on full display for all the world to see.

In these pages you'll discover how to become part of a Church that counters anger with kindness and mercy, loves its enemies, overcomes bitterness and offense, and lays hold of the Lord's beauty via revelation and transformation. When we--as a united Body and as individual members--do these things, we will love as He loves. We will endure without despair as we boldly and lovingly stand for His truth. 

And together we will rise up as His Bride whose beauty eclipses the darkness.

"I cannot more highly recommend this deeply insightful book."--JOEL RICHARDSON, New York Times bestselling author, teacher

"This book will give you a vision for being immersed in a love so expansive that every longing to be known is satisfied. "--BOB SORGE, author, Secrets of the Secret Place

"David inspires confidence in the excellent leadership of Jesus, equipping us to grow in our love for Him and His people."--MIKE BICKLE, founder, International House of Prayer 


"Recognizing both the Bible's clear warnings concerning a great last days falling away and some painful trends in the Church today, David Sliker looks much, much higher, emphasizing instead the Lord's glorious promises to His people and to His Church. I cannot more highly recommend this deeply insightful and pastoral book."

Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author, teacher

"The fresh and compelling insights of my dear friend and co-worker David Sliker contribute to changing the conversation about the Church and shifting paradigms for what the future might look like. Much is being said about the brokenness and failures of the Church, with many perspectives on the need for reform within the Church. We need more focus on discovering the heart of Jesus for His Church and where His people are going together under His leadership. David inspires confidence in the excellent leadership of Jesus, equipping us to grow in our love for Jesus and His people even in the face of our weak and broken lives. This book provides fresh understanding that the global Body of Christ is 'the darling of Jesus' heart' and strengthens our hope and confidence that He will rescue His people from spiritual dullness and empower them to enjoy a vibrant walk in the Spirit with Him--the result of seeing the beauty of the Church as Jesus sees it, right here and right now."

Mike Bickle, founder, International House of Prayer

"This message will never get old. I'm grateful for David Sliker's willingness to reintroduce us to the Maker of Beauty in a world at risk of growing blind. What a rich read."

Sara Hagerty, bestselling author, Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to Be Noticed and Adore: A Simple Practice for Experiencing God in the Middle Minutes of Your Day

"The love that Jesus has for His Church is immeasurable, and His commitment to her is unsurpassable. Written from the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor, this book will renew our love for Christ's Bride and lead to revelation of how He is reforming and beautifying His people in these last days. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!"

Lee M. Cummings, founder and senior leader, Radiant Church and Radiant Network; author, School of the Spirit and Flourish: Planting Your Life Where God Designed It to Thrive

"Are you a romantic at heart? Then this book is for you. My dear friend David Sliker shows how God's invitation to holiness and beauty fulfills our deepest desires. This book will give you a vision for being immersed in a love so expansive that every longing to be known is satisfied. Get ready for the beauty realm!"

Bob Sorge, author, Secrets of the Secret Place

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  1. David Sliker

    David Sliker

    David Sliker has been an executive leader, speaker, and author at the International House of Prayer missions base in Kansas City, Missouri, for nearly 20 years. David, who ministers and serves with his wife and their four children, finds his primary calling is...

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