The Strategically Small Church

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Blessed Are the Small    

Our culture's infatuation with bigness--bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger businesses--has infiltrated the church. But smaller doesn't equal second-rate. Leadership Journal editor and former pastor Brandon O'Brien shows how small churches are uniquely equipped for success in today's culture.

O'Brien celebrates churches that are taking full advantage of their small size and analyzes how other churches can learn from their strategies. For example, strategically small churches:

But perhaps most important, O'Brien asks churches to rethink what it means to be successful. Sometimes small is just right.  

The Author

  1. Brandon J. O'Brien
    Photo by: Annika Durbin

    Brandon J. O'Brien

    Brandon J. O'Brien works at Leadership journal as assistant editor and writer for their popular blog, Out of Ur. Leadership is read by 70,000 pastors and church leaders. Brandon holds a BA from Ouachita Baptist University and an MA in church history...

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