The Spiritual Gifts Blueprint

God's Design for Your Gifts, Talents, and Purpose

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Are You Doing What God Created You to Do? 
Can you identify your spiritual gifting or understand God's purpose for your life? If you can't confidently answer yes, you're not alone. Yet there is a simple, biblical framework to finding your God-given gifts and finding His purposes for your life--and it leads to a relationship with the Trinity you never imagined.  
Offering clear explanations and biblical depth, veteran ministry leader Andy Reese offers a fresh and practical blueprint to Paul's teachings on spiritual gifts and God's intended spiritual connection to the Trinity, including how to
· simply discover your unique gifting and use it to impact others 
· see your God-intended purposes come to life in amazing ways 
· connect intimately with Jesus and the Father 
· experience the Holy Spirit and His working within and through you 
Your gifts are not defined by your job or talents. It's time to discover why you were created--and experience a deeper relationship with the One who created you. 
Includes hands-on assessments! 


"Andy's biblical gift descriptions and model are foundational to solid identity and the joy that comes in walking in what you were made for. It is clear that his goal is not about the gifts but about the Giver--the 'one thing' of being led by the Spirit in connection with God. I know his blueprint will provide direction for many searching for their purpose and identity."

Jennifer Barnett, executive director, Freedom Prayer; author, First Freedoms

"Andy's revelation regarding spiritual gifts is only surpassed by his heart for the Body of Christ to be equipped to function in their gifting. I highly recommend this book and its insight for every follower of Jesus--seasoned saint and new convert alike!"

Pastor Steve Berger, founder and president, Ambassador Services International

"Finally some clarity! As the pastor of a large nondenominational church, it has been a struggle to unify the cornucopia of perspectives about spiritual gifts. Reese brilliantly honors varied traditions while inviting everyone to the table. Solid theology partnered with principles that are refreshingly applicable make this book a must-have."

Brad Bowen, lead pastor, Heritage Church

"If you are a newcomer to the area of the Holy Spirit and want some insight that will help you gain traction with this Divine Helper, this book is for you. If you have been a believer for years, but still
feel that you could use some help in understanding how the Holy Spirit works in His various ways, and how the various listings of Holy Spirit work flow together, this book is for you. I can almost guarantee you will profit from listening to Andy. I gladly recommend this book."

Dr. Don Finto, pastor; founder, Caleb Company; author, Your People Shall Be My People

"The Spiritual Gifts Blueprint is a wonderful prequel to Andy Reese's outstanding work Freedom Tools. In this new book, Andy Reese has created a primer on the understanding and practice of spiritual gifts. In essence, it is a master class on the subject--profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work."

Dr. David Kyle Foster, Mastering Life Ministries

"Understanding the role and power of the Spirit is a lifelong pursuit of the head and the heart. While there are no experts on the Trinity, there are helpful guides who walk alongside us as we navigate our role in God's big story. Andy has proven to be a helpful teacher and writer, and I know this book will give you insight in your pursuits of the Kingdom being made manifest in everyday life!"

Dr. Josh Graves, lead minister, Otter Creek Church; author, The Simple Secret

"In The Spiritual Gifts Blueprint, author Andy Reese has once again produced a treasure. Yes, Christians have different perspectives on gifts, but Andy clearly describes the relevant Scriptures, especially Romans 12. As a rainbow gives hope, the gifts are diffused in this prism into seven primary colors. There is one Lord, the Light, but here the many colored gifts of the Spirit lead us back to Him."

Stephen Mory, MD, DLH, psychiatrist

"Spiritual transformation must always be grounded in biblical and practical teaching. In this book the author shares a systematic process of maturing into the person God created us to be and allows one to identify spiritual giftedness. This discovery gives way for each one to become a person of purpose and to begin to experience the smile of God."

Rhonda Lowry, retired assistant professor of spiritual formation, Lipscomb University; spiritual mentor

"As a Vineyard pastor for the past thirty years, and a third-generation pastor kid from the Pentecostal and charismatic traditions, I thoroughly enjoyed the 'good professor' Andy's wonderful explanation and encounter of the use of spiritual gifts, and how they are displayed in his writing--the pastor/teacher gifts working hand in hand to lead us to a greater understanding of spiritual gifts. I highly recommend it!"

Jon Sterns, pastor, Franklin Vineyard Church; former regional leader, Southeast Vineyard Churches

"The Spiritual Gifts Blueprint is a fresh and essential tool that untangles, declutters, organizes, and simplifies what has often been made overly complex. With a laser focus on Scripture, Andy shows us how to connect to the holy Trinity to receive and use what he beautifully describes as our 'grace package.' In doing so, he leads us to discover and dive into layer upon layer of depth within the things of the Spirit."

Rob Touchstone, director, Center for Vocational Discovery, and instructor, College of Business and College of Bible and Ministry, Lipscomb University

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    Andy Reese

    Andy Reese ( is the founder and president of Freedom Prayer, a ministry that provides a biblical model of prayer counseling, now operating through several hundred churches and teams around the world. With more than 45 years of Christian...

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