The Spiritual Gifts Blueprint

God's Design for Your Gifts, Talents, and Purpose

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Are You Doing What God Created You to Do? 
Can you identify your spiritual gifting or understand God's purpose for your life? If you can't confidently answer yes, you're not alone. Yet there is a simple, biblical framework to finding your God-given gifts and finding His purposes for your life--and it leads to a relationship with the Trinity you never imagined.  
Offering clear explanations and biblical depth, veteran ministry leader Andy Reese offers a fresh and practical blueprint to Paul's teachings on spiritual gifts and God's intended spiritual connection to the Trinity, including how to
· simply discover your unique gifting and use it to impact others 
· see your God-intended purposes come to life in amazing ways 
· connect intimately with Jesus and the Father 
· experience the Holy Spirit and His working within and through you 
Your gifts are not defined by your job or talents. It's time to discover why you were created--and experience a deeper relationship with the One who created you. 
Includes hands-on assessments! 

The Author

  1. Andy Reese
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    Andy Reese

    Andy Reese ( is the founder and president of Freedom Prayer, a ministry that provides a biblical model of prayer counseling, now operating through several hundred churches and teams around the world. With more than 45 years of Christian...

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