The Soul of Spider-Man

Unexpected Spiritual Insights Found in the Legendary Super-Hero Series

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What can you learn from Spider-man? What do you have in common with the most famous comic book super hero in history? You might just be surprised!

From his transformation into a new creation to his struggles with forgiving those who have hurt him, Spider-Man's story offers a startling parallel to the miraculous and everyday experiences of those who follow Jesus. Inspired by the stories and characters in three of the biggest box-office smashes of all time, The Soul of Spider-Man zooms in beyond the special-effects and big stars to examine the unexpected spiritual lessons spun into the background of the Spider-Man films. Readers will heed the warning against greed when they rewind the tragedy of the Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man, and will understand the importance of humility as they take a second look at the damage caused by Peter Parker's inflated ego in Spider-Man 3. This fast-moving, entertaining take on the spirituality of Spider-Man includes a group discussion guide for film clubs, youth groups, or young adult small groups.

The Authors

  1. Jeff Dunn

    Jeff Dunn

    Jeff Dunn has been a contributing writer and developmental editor on a number of books, including Cracking DaVinci's Code and the Christy Award-winning novel A Place Called Wiregrass. He is the coauthor, with Adam Palmer, of Taming a Liger:...

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  2. Adam Palmer

    Adam Palmer

    Adam Palmer's work has appeared in Relevant, 7Ball, Christian Retailing, Ministries Today, and The Refuel Biblezine. He is the coauthor, with Jeff Dunn, of Taming a Liger and coauthor of Brian "Head" Welch's...

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