The Road to Missional

Journey to the Center of the Church

series: Shapevine

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It has recently become acceptable, and even fashionable, to refer to one's church as "missional." But many churches misunderstand the concept, thinking of "going missional" as simply being a necessary add-on to church-as-usual. This domestication of what is actually a very bold paradigm shift makes missional nothing more than one more trick to see church growth.

With a light hand and a pastoral spirit, Michael Frost points out how most of us are not quite there yet. He reestablishes the ground rules, redefines the terms accurately, and insists that the true prophetic essence of "being missional" comes through undiluted. This clear corrective will take ministry leaders from "not missional yet" to well on their way.


"In The Road to Missional Michael Frost provides a prophetic call to examine all we do in light of the mission of God. I'm thankful to have his provocative voice in the missional conversation. Michael is a friend to the church and a man who deeply loves the mission of God."--Ed Stetzer, coauthor of Compelled by Love

"Every week or two a new missional book arrives on my desk. By and large they are getting better and better, and this one is the best one yet. It's all here--divine origins, shifting evangelism, cross, resurrection, and holistic redemption--in accessible form. This is the first book to give someone who says 'What is missional?'"--Scot McKnight, Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University; author of One.Life

"As brilliant as Mike speaks on the Missio Dei, The Road to Missional practically helps everyone understand their place in God's mission, the pace to which God will ask them to move, and possibilities of a life oriented away from self. This book is a must for church leaders, but is dense with beautiful stories that will give every unpaid saint reasons to live a vigorous life after the king. I hope any Christian would read this, but it's geared for the stout-hearted!"--Hugh Halter, author of Sacrilege and coauthor of The Tangible Kingdom

"Mike Frost points out again why choosing missional as a destination is such a scenic route. In The Road to Missional he acts as experienced tour guide to help us know both what to look for and what we are seeing on this journey. Every church leader on the missional path will want to have this volume handy."--Reggie McNeal, missional leadership specialist, The Leadership Network

"As I read Michael's description of a missional church functioning rightly in a world that's gone wrong, I felt myself thirsting for such an experience on a global scale. The world should see us and want Jesus--plain and simple. Unfortunately, that is quite the opposite of the current state of the church in the world. We need to consider today what Michael is saying in this book."--Neil Cole, founder and director, Church Multiplication Associates; author of Organic Church and Organic Leadership

"The Road to Missional provides an inspired dose of clarity to the growing missional movement. It sets the stage to shift the conversation toward a deeper understanding and intentional pursuit of incarnational mission."--Matt Smay, coauthor of The Tangible Kingdom

The Author

  1. Michael Frost

    Michael Frost

    Michael Frost is the founding director of the Tinsley Institute, a mission study center at Morling College in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of more than a dozen books including Exiles and The Road to Missional. He lives in Sydney.

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