The Ready or Knot Prayer Guide

100 Prayers for Dating and Engaged Couples

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Who you choose to marry is one of the most important decisions of your life. This decision affects everything that will happen to you from that point forward. So how much have you and your significant other prayed together about your shared life to come?

The best time to start praying for your marriage is before you say, "I do." This devotional guide helps you learn how to pray together for twelve specific areas of your relationship, including

· the purpose of marriage
· communication and conflict
· spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy
· understanding your roles and your differences
· friendship and romance
· money
· parenting
· and more

It may sound like a cliché when you hear the old adage that "couples who pray together stay together," but the reality is that the divorce rate for couples who pray together, out loud, on a consistent basis is less than one percent. Prayer is key to a strong and lasting relationship. The Ready or Knot Prayer Guide shows you how to develop a lifelong habit to sustain a lifelong marriage.

The Author

  1. Scott Kedersha
    Lexi Chase Media

    Scott Kedersha

    Scott Kedersha is the marriage pastor at Harris Creek Baptist Church. Over the last 18 years as a marriage pastor, he has helped more than 5,000 couples answer the question, "Ready or Knot?" He is the author of the book Ready or Knot? and...

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