The Power of Blessing

How a Carefully Chosen Word Changes Everything

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Words--positive or negative--carry enormous potential to create or destroy. It's always been that way, ever since God said, "Let there be..." The Power of Blessing explores the timeless words of Jesus in the Beatitudes and takes readers on a journey into the extraordinary world of blessings. It shows them how to use words to heal rather than wound as well as how to bless their loved ones more effectively. Readers looking for a way to jump-start their relationships will find the key in this book of blessings.

The Author

  1. David Timms

    David Timms

    David Timms teaches New Testament and Theology and serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Theology and of the School of Christian Leadership at William Jessup University in northern California. Australian by birth, David has been a church planter, pastor, and...

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