The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


34. Zechariah

Study Questions

  1. How old was Zechariah, given his mention in Nehemiah 12:16?
  2. At Qumran, how many messiahs were expected?
  3. Early Judaism identified whom as the royal figure of Zechariah 9–14?
  4. With respect to political power, what do the visions of Zechariah 1–8 suggest?
  5. What drove critics to date Zechariah 9–14 to the Hellenistic period?
  6. What message lies at the literary center of Zechariah?
  7. To what country does Swarup apply the texts of Zechariah and their message?
  8. In the 620s BC, what created uncertainty about the future of Yehud?
  9. From the Persian standpoint, what would construction of the Jerusalem temple provide?
  10. Zechariah 11:10–15’s thirty pieces of silver and its connection to Judas in Matthew goes back to what key event in Zechariah?
  11. What is Zechariah’s main theological theme?