The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


22. Ezekiel

Study Questions

  1. What is Chester Beatty Papyrus 967?
  2. What is an alternative spelling for Daniel in Ezekiel 14?
  3. Where is the first recorded mention of Ezekiel outside the OT?
  4. Who first identified Ezekiel 1’s four living creatures with the four Gospel writers?
  5. What has been foundational to much critical discussion of Ezekiel?
  6. With what issues is Ezekiel 18 concerned?
  7. How is the city of Tyre portrayed in the prophecy against it?
  8. How is the image of Israel as adulterous used in Ezekiel?
  9. The myth of Tammuz is associated with what event?
  10. Which Babylonian poem has been related to the book of Ezekiel in terms of structure?
  11. On what gates is the island stronghold of Tyre portrayed?
  12. With what title does Jesus identify himself that is regularly used of Ezekiel?
  13. In Ezekiel, why does Jerusalem fall?