The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


20. Jeremiah

Study Questions

  1. How do the LXX and MT of Jeremiah compare?
  2. Jeremiah’s call to uproot and destroy also includes what?
  3. What leads Jeremiah to prophesy Zedekiah’s violent death?
  4. How does the book of Jeremiah end?
  5. According to Rabbinic interpretation, which two famous women were related to Jeremiah (or in his lineage)?
  6. What was a negative way in which Martin Luther used Jeremiah?
  7. Beginning with Duhm, which two elements of Jeremiah have been distinguished?
  8. How does Diamond understand the confessions of Jeremiah?
  9. Of the six verbs used in Jeremiah’s call (Jer. 1:10), which is the only one used in the prophecies about other nations?
  10. In Rosenberg’s chiasm, where is the hope for a new covenant (Jer. 31)?
  11. What does the hope of a woman surrounding a man (Jer. 31:22) refer to?
  12. Many written ostraca from the time of Jeremiah have been found at what southern Judean fort?
  13. What name of a governor mentioned by Jeremiah was also found on a contemporary seal impression from Lachish?
  14. Which part of the southern kingdom’s territory seems not to have been affected by the Babylonian invasions and destructions?
  15. What does the covenantal language of Jeremiah resemble?
  16. What is Zion theology?
  17. According to Jeremiah 31, where will the new covenant be written?