The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


11. 1-2 Chronicles

Study Questions

  1. What does the Greek Septuagint name for Chronicles mean?
  2. How does Jehoshaphat defeat the great army of 2 Chronicles 20?
  3. Which king contracted “leprosy”?
  4. Josiah’s Passover was greater than any since when?
  5. How does John Chrysostom deal with Manasseh’s repentance?
  6. Where does Auld place Chronicles in relation to Kings?
  7. How does Chronicles use the sources behind it?
  8. 2 Chronicles 20 exemplifies how the Jerusalem Temple symbolizes worship and the beginning and end of what?
  9. For Wong in Hong Kong after it returned to mainland China, what was the need that the genealogies of 1 Chronicles exemplified?
  10. How do the genealogies contrast with ancient Near Eastern king lists?
  11. What does Chronicles teach about how all of Israel is to be united?
  12. Nearly half of 256 Old Testament occurrences of what term appear in Chronicles?
  13. If Achar is a nickname for Achan, what does it mean?
  14. How does 2 Chronicles 7:14 lie at the heart of the books of Chronicles and their message?
  15. What is Cyrus’s final command that concludes the books of Chronicles?