The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


8. Ruth

Bible Reading Guide

  1. How did Ruth respond to Naomi’s request for her to return to Moab after the death of her husband?
  2. How did Boaz treat Ruth while she was in his fields?
  3. Why did Ruth spend the night at the threshing floor?
  4. How did Boaz acquire the obligation to marry Ruth?

Study Questions

  1. How much barley does Ruth acquire after one day in Boaz’s fields?
  2. When is Ruth read in the Jewish year?
  3. How should Ruth be classified as literature?
  4. How may the character of Boaz be described?
  5. What alternative message to Israel does Ruth contain?
  6. What major literary theme is found in Boaz’s feast at the threshing floor?
  7. What female character from Genesis may be similar to Ruth in levirate marriage?
  8. A proposed African interpretation emphasizes what about the story of Ruth?
  9. From what nearby culture is there a similar prose account with a genealogy attached?
  10. From what nearby culture comes an example of a levirate marriage?
  11. Why might Ruth immediately follow Proverbs 31 in the Hebrew canon?