The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


6. Joshua

Bible Reading Guide

  1. Which tribes did Joshua command to cross the Jordan River first?
  2. What did Rahab need to do to save her family?
  3. Who stayed longest in the Jordan riverbed when Israel crossed over?
  4. Why did God dry up the Jordan River, according to Joshua?
  5. Why did Joshua circumcise the Israelite males?
  6. Where did Rahab and her family go after the battle of Jericho?
  7. Why did Israel lose its first battle against Ai?
  8. What ruse brought victory at the battle of Ai?
  9. What ruse did the Gibeonites use?
  10. What happened at Makkedah?
  11. Where did Jabin fight Joshua?
  12. How much land east of the Jordan River did the Israelites take?
  13. Which tribe received the territory of Og king of Bashan?
  14. What did Caleb receive as an inheritance?
  15. Who took Debir (Kiriath Sepher)?
  16. From which city of Canaan did Ephraim fail to drive out the Canaanites?
  17. What did Joshua give to the Joseph tribes in addition to their allotment?
  18. How did Joshua divide the land for the remaining seven tribes?
  19. Which tribe received an inheritance that was entirely within another tribe?
  20. For what sort of situation were the cities of refuge envisioned?
  21. The levitical allotments included what in addition to the cities?
  22. What was the purpose of the altar of the Reuben, Gad, and half Manasseh tribes?
  23. God will push out the remaining nations, but what must Israel do?
  24. How did Israel repeatedly respond to Joshua’s challenge at the covenant renewal?

Study Questions

  1. In comparison with the Pentateuch, how similar are the MT and LXX of Joshua?
  2. What became of Joshua’s encounter with the commander of the Lord of Hosts?
  3. The allotment of the Levitical towns forms what kind of a gift?
  4. What premodern reading of Joshua was most popular in interpretation?
  5. What does the Deuteronomistic History seek to explain?
  6. In the Deuteronomistic History, how has Joshua been regarded?
  7. How should Joshua 11:16–23 be best understood?
  8. How do Joshua and Rahab compare in Joshua 1 and 2?
  9. Contrast Rahab’s answers to the Canaanites and to the Israelites.
  10. What lies at the heart of Rahab’s confession?
  11. What is the major problem with modeling Israel’s formation as a Marxist revolt?
  12. Which ancient city’s destruction level supports the conquest model?
  13. The theory of gradual immigration from the east is supported by what?
  14. Who were among the Sea Peoples?
  15. The book of Joshua most closely resembles what type of ancient document?
  16. Where does Joshua first appear in the Bible?
  17. How can one view Joshua 1 in comparison with the book?
  18. What forms the basis for all successful mission?
  19. If Joshua will not succeed because he obeys God’s law, how will he succeed?
  20. How does Joshua persuade the Transjordanian tribes to follow him?
  21. What were Jericho and Ai?
  22. What likely happened to most of the Canaanites in the areas Israel invaded?