The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


5. Deuteronomy

Bible Reading Guide

  1. According to Deuteronomy 1, what was the report of the spies?
  2. Which place did God give to Israel to take possession of?
  3. Where was Og’s kingdom?
  4. What effect will Israel’s obedience to the laws have on the nations?
  5. How did Israel initially respond to God’s gift of the Ten Commandments?
  6. What were the people warned not to do when they receive the land?
  7. Why did God choose Israel to give the land to?
  8. If Israel forgets God in the land, whom will it credit for its wealth?
  9. After the gold calf incident, how long did Moses fast and lie before God?
  10. What did God write on the second set of stone tablets?
  11. What are the blessings of obedience?
  12. Where is God to be worshiped?
  13. What reason is plausible for rejecting a prophet whose prophecy comes true?
  14. To whom are the tithes given after three years?
  15. Why does God command generosity toward the poor and needy?
  16. Where is the Passover to be celebrated?
  17. What is the king to write?
  18. What is to replace sorcery and divination in Israel?
  19. What is done with a false witness?
  20. Who is excused from war?
  21. What is to make atonement for a slain person found in a field without evidence of the identity of the killer?
  22. Who is punished for sexual relations between a man and a virgin pledged to be married when it occurs in the country?
  23. What happens to a slave who seeks refuge with an Israelite?
  24. How soon is the pledge for a loan to be returned to one who is poor?
  25. Who should be the first to marry the widow of a deceased man?
  26. At the offering of the firstfruits what does the offerer confess before God?
  27. What is Israel to do at Mount Ebal when they enter the promised land?
  28. How will other nations respond if Israel keeps the Lord’s commands?
  29. With whom is God’s covenant in Deuteronomy made?
  30. What will bring God’s restored fortunes on Israel after the blessings and curses?
  31. When is the law to be read before all Israel?
  32. What is the Lord’s portion?
  33. Which of the tribes did not recognize his brothers but guarded God’s covenant?
  34. Where did Moses die?

Study Questions

  1. What is the meaning of the Hebrew title of Deuteronomy?
  2. What is the sequence of civil and religious laws in Deuteronomy?
  3. What is found in the first paragraphs of the Mishnah?
  4. When was the D document composed?
  5. Parts of Deuteronomy 4, 6, and 30 are dated when, according to van der Toorn and Römer?
  6. What do the structure and general contents of Deuteronomy 1–31 represent?
  7. Why was the covenant/treaty placed in the major temple of a country?
  8. What are referred to as witnesses in both the Bible and Hittite vassal treaties?
  9. For whom is the repeated concern for justice found in Deuteronomy?
  10. Which two elements of Deuteronomy and Hittite vassal treaties are missing in later Neo-Assyrian treaties?
  11. On what is the general order of the laws of Deuteronomy 6–25 modeled?
  12. What theme, in Deuteronomy and Romans, is opposite to stiffening the neck?
  13. What is unique in ancient times about what Deuteronomy does with the treaty?
  14. What is segullâ in terms of the relationship between God and Israel?
  15. What is unique about God in how he makes himself known?
  16. Why does God extend a warning to the third and fourth generations?
  17. Which command is connected with the sanctification of time in Israel?
  18. Prohibition of adultery is concerned with family order and also with what?
  19. What is the meaning of Shema?
  20. How is the Hebrew term for “heart” to be understood?
  21. How is the Hebrew nepeš to be understood?