The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


4. Numbers

Bible Reading Guide

  1. Which tribe was not numbered among the 603,550?
  2. Judah sets out first, but who sets out second?
  3. How many firstborn males were there in Israel?
  4. In the numbering of the clans of the Levites which age group was counted?
  5. What happens to the curse written by the priest on behalf of the jealous husband?
  6. What is or is not involved in a Nazirite’s vow of dedication?
  7. What offerings did the leaders of Israel bring at the dedication of the tabernacle?
  8. How were the Levites purified?
  9. How would someone celebrate the Passover if they became unclean on that day?
  10. Whom did Moses ask for guidance from Mount Sinai?
  11. What happened when the Spirit of the Lord came upon the seventy elders?
  12. How is Moses different from a prophet?
  13. How did the spies describe Canaan?
  14. How did the Lord respond to Moses’s intercession after the spies’ report?
  15. With burnt offerings, vows, and freewill offerings, what is to accompany them?
  16. What happened to the censers of the followers of Korah?
  17. What did Aaron’s staff sprout?
  18. What may both the sons and the daughters of the Levites eat?
  19. What is in the water of cleansing?
  20. What did Moses say when he struck the rock to procure water?
  21. Who were the kings whom Israel defeated before crossing the Jordan?
  22. Where did Balaam see part of the Israelites?
  23. How did Balak prepare for the first three of Balaam’s curses?
  24. What will the Kittim (Cyprus) do?
  25. How did Phinehas gain the priesthood?
  26. How was the land to be allotted to the tribes of Israel?
  27. If a man dies without living children, who is first to receive his inheritance?
  28. What animals are to be offered as part of the daily burnt offering?
  29. What is the correct order of the special events of the seventh month?
  30. Who can nullify a vow made by a woman?
  31. After the battle with Midian, which Midianite women were allowed to live?
  32. Why did the tribes of Gad and Reuben wish to settle east of the Jordan?
  33. Where did Aaron die?
  34. What is part of Israel’s eastern border of the Promised Land of Canaan?
  35. How can the land be cleansed after a murder?
  36. Why were the daughters of Zelophehad restricted in their choice of marriage?

Study Questions

  1. What does the Hebrew title of Numbers mean?
  2. How does Numbers portray Israel as formed for its journey?
  3. What follows Israel’s sin at Baal Peor?
  4. Balaam’s prophecy of the “star” and the “scepter” became applied to whom?
  5. What do both seventh-century-BC Ketef Hinnom silver scrolls contain?
  6. The book of Numbers divides naturally into how many parts?
  7. In the central part of Numbers, what organizes the text into a chiastic form?
  8. What is unusual about all the males being killed in Numbers 31?
  9. To what may the Hittite Instructions of the Royal Bodyguard be compared?
  10. Which of the routes through the Sinai did Israel most likely take?
  11. What was found at the Hathor Temple in the Timna Valley relevant to Numbers?
  12. What does 1 Corinthians 10 remind Christians in terms of Numbers 10–21?
  13. What does the theology of Numbers focus on?
  14. What do Zelphehad’s daughters have to do with the holiness of God?