The Old Testament

A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction


3. Leviticus

Bible Reading Guide

  1. How much of the burnt offering is burnt on the altar?
  2. Every grain offering should include what additional ingredient?
  3. What specifically is burned from the fellowship offering?
  4. For the unintentional sin of an Israelite citizen what animal should be offered?
  5. What sacrifice is to be brought for the sin offering of Leviticus 5?
  6. What sacrifice is to be brought for the guilt offering of Leviticus 6?
  7. Which parts of the fellowship offering belong to the priests?
  8. What is the order of offerings for the ordination of the priests?
  9. On the eighth day of the priestly ordination, what is the order of sacrifices made for the people of Israel?
  10. What did God command Aaron and all priests after the deaths of his sons?
  11. What causes a clean animal to become unclean?
  12. How long after his birth is a boy to be circumcised?
  13. How long after a priest is given a garment with mildew must he wait before pronouncing it unclean?
  14. When a person is ceremonially cleansed from disease, what animals should they bring as an offering, if they are too poor to bring lambs?
  15. What causes a man and woman together to need to bathe and remain unclean until the evening?
  16. On the Day of Atonement, the blood of which offering is placed on the atonement cover?
  17. Which part of an animal must never be eaten?
  18. In the list of generally detestable things, which one is specifically called detestable?
  19. When a fruit tree is planted, what happens to the fruit harvested on the fourth year?
  20. To whom are Israelites warned against offering their children?
  21. For whose death can a priest make himself ceremonially unclean?
  22. What kind of offering can be made with a deformed animal?
  23. Which festival follows the Day of Atonement?
  24. What happened to the son of the Israelite woman who blasphemed the Name?
  25. What happens on the Year of Jubilee?
  26. In the curses of Leviticus, what happens to the land after the people are exiled to foreign lands?
  27. What belongs to Yahweh of all the produce of the land?

Study Questions

  1. Which chapters in Leviticus contain the Holiness Code?
  2. In the installation of the priests, who begins the process and leads the action?
  3. Christian interpreters used which New Testament book most with Leviticus?
  4. What is the traditional critical view of the date when anointing priests began?
  5. Following Hoffner, what is the basis for the selection of clean animals?
  6. Leviticus 23 and the Emar calendar are unique for what reason?
  7. Leviticus 1–6 present the sacrifices according to what arrangement?
  8. What may lie behind the absence of Israelite female priests?
  9. In terms of sacred space, what characterizes the place outside the camp?
  10. Similar to the priests being a subset of Israelites, which animals are a subset of clean ones?
  11. In comparison with Ugarit’s sacrificial cult, how may Israel’s be described?
  12. How do debt slaves in Israel contrast with those of Babylon who could only ever work off the interest on their debt?
  13. What contrasts Christ’s sacrifice with that of ancient Israel?
  14. How is the “defiant sin” forgiven?
  15. What was unique about the burnt offering?
  16. What does the holiness of the tabernacle correspond to in the New Testament?