The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


40. The Message of the Apocalypse

Questions for Review

  1. According to the chapter, what is a very common misuse of Revelation?
  2. If Revelation is not primarily about the future, what then, according to the chapter, is it about?
  3. To whom was Revelation written? What was the relationship between the readers of Revelation and their governing authorities like?
  4. When does interest in Revelation seem always to be at its highest?
  5. Very briefly, sketch a basic outline of dispensational eschatology.
  6. Is the following an appropriate comparison: apocalyptic imagery is similar to political cartoons.
  7. According to the chapter, what are the primary general approaches to Revelation?
  8. What are some of the fixed points in the future to which Revelation and the rest of the NT point?
  9. Define “amillennialism.”
  10. Define “post millennialism.”