The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


39. The Johannine Epistles

Questions for Review

  1. What internal evidence is there that the Fourth Gospel and 1 John may be written by the same person?
  2. How likely is it that the same person wrote all three Johannine Epistles?
  3. When were the Johannine Epistles likely written?
  4. What similarities are there between 2–3 John and the Gospel of John?
  5. What are the options for understanding the word “elder” as it appears in 2–3 John?
  6. Briefly sketch the theological emphases of 1 John.
  7. What specific problem appears to have led to the composition of 1 John?
  8. What role does “love” play in 1 John?
  9. What is the “Johannine comma” and what does Erasmus have to do with it?
  10. To whom was 2 John written? What about 3 John?