The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


35. The Book of Hebrews

Questions for Review

  1. Why does the King James Version refer to the Book of Hebrews as an “Epistle of Paul”?
  2. To whom is the book of Hebrews addressed? How might we identify these people?
  3. Why might the book of Hebrews be dated in the early 60s?
  4. Is there any relation between Hebrews and the documents found at Qumran?
  5. According to the chapter, what things about the readers of Hebrews do we know for certain?
  6. Briefly identify the options for the author of Hebrews as someone other than Paul. Which of these seem most probable to you? Which seem most farfetched?
  7. The genre of Hebrews, according to the chapter, is an exhortatory sermon. Why might this be the best option?
  8. Why does Hebrews 10:19 represent a major turning point?
  9. What is meant when it is claimed that a prominent feature of Hebrews is its “midrashic treatment” of OT texts?
  10. Briefly discuss the possible influence of Hellenistic philosophy on the book of Hebrews.