The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


33. The Tendencies of “Early Catholicism”

Questions for Review

  1. How did the deaths of the Apostles and the first generations of Christians affect the elasticity of the early church’s doctrines and practices?
  2. What kind of baggage does the phrase “early catholicism” carry with it?
  3. Where can the traits of incipient early catholicism be found most readily in the NT?
  4. Very briefly list and identify the chief elements found in incipient early catholicism, as presented in the chapter.
  5. What does the phrase regula fidei mean and what does it have to do with early catholicism?
  6. Discuss in some detail how the role of the Holy Spirit seemed to change within the life of the church over time.
  7. Describe the development of the church’s eschatology throughout the first century.
  8. What major threats during the second century helped move the church toward incipient early catholicism?
  9. What is meant by the phrase “canon within the canon” and what does it have to do with early catholicism?
  10. What aspects of incipient early catholicism are valuable to the church?