The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


32. Ephesians

Questions for Review

  1. Why is it appropriate to make the following statement about Ephesians: “Ephesians, as much as, or perhaps more than, Romans has a claim to be the most developed statement of Paul’s theology”?
  2. Why is the title “The Letter to the Ephesians” misleading?
  3. How much of Ephesians is in Colossians and how much of Colossians is in Ephesians?
  4. How do most scholars solve the problem of Colossians and Ephesians being so similar?
  5. What is Goodspeed’s theory regarding the purpose of Ephesians?
  6. How does Ephesians demonstrate incipient early catholicism?
  7. Why can it be said that Ephesians has a large focus on realized eschatology?
  8. Show how the idea of mystery is more prevalent in Ephesians than elsewhere in the NT.
  9. What kinds of analogies does Ephesians use to describe the church?
  10. What passages in Ephesians are thought to have their origins in the liturgy of the church?