The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


31. Colossians and Philemon

Questions for Review

  1. Why are Colossians and Philemon almost always linked together?
  2. What information do we know about Epaphras?
  3. If both letters were penned by Paul, when were they likely written? If Colossians is pseudonymous, when might it have been written?
  4. Briefly discuss the relationship between Colossians and Ephesians.
  5. What is the “Colossian heresy” and why is it important?
  6. What is “mirror reading”?
  7. Discuss the significance of the christological hymn found in Colossians chapter 1, paying special attention to its function within the letter and its background.
  8. What might be the origin of the household code found in Colossians 3:18–4:1?
  9. Who are the main characters in Philemon? What is Onesimus’s situation?
  10. Briefly explain Paul’s request as presented in Philemon.