The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


29. Romans

Questions for Review

  1. Why is Romans the first Pauline document to appear within the canon of the NT?
  2. What is there to be known about the founding of the church at Rome?
  3. When was Romans likely written? Where was Paul likely located during this time?
  4. Why is the date 49 important for our understanding of the church at Rome? What about the date 64?
  5. What was the ethnic makeup of the church at Rome?
  6. What evidence is there that Romans might have been an encyclical?
  7. According to the chapter, what might be the purpose of Romans? What specific situations may have been brought to Paul’s attention?
  8. In Romans 2, how does Paul define a “true Jew”? Why is this significant?
  9. Briefly trace the argument of Romans 3:21–31.
  10. How is Romans 9–11 a continuation of the argument found in Romans 1–8?