The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


25. Galatians

Questions for Review

  1. Why is Galatians sometimes called the “Magna Carta of the Christian Faith”?
  2. What are the two choices concerning the date and addressees of Galatians?
  3. What role does the Jerusalem Council play vis-à-vis the dating of Galatians?
  4. What was the primary issue of concern that Paul confronted in the letter to the Galatians?
  5. Why is the term “Judaizers” probably not the best choice of terminology for the troublemakers we learn about in Galatians?
  6. Why might Paul have skipped over the traditional thanksgiving portion common in Hellenistic letter writing when composing Galatians?
  7. Why did certain emissaries from Jerusalem criticize Paul while he was in Antioch with Peter?
  8. How does Paul use Genesis 15:6 in Galatians?
  9. Describe how Paul uses Sarah and Hagar as examples in Galatians.
  10. What role does circumcision play in the argumentation of Galatians? Trace it through Paul’s rhetoric in some detail.