The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


20. Paul’s Gospel and the Parting of the Ways

Questions for Review

  1. In this chapter, to what does the phrase “the parting of the ways” refer?
  2. What are the options when translating Romans 1:17, where Paul quotes Habakkuk 2:4?
  3. How did Paul’s encounter with Christ change his perspective on human sinfulness?
  4. In Paul’s letters, according to the chapter, to what does the phrase “righteousness of God” refer most often?
  5. What are the translation choices for the Greek phrase “pistis Christou”?
  6. What did Schweitzer famously say about justification by faith?
  7. What place do the cross and resurrection have in Paul’s thinking?
  8. Why did many Jews not accept the gospel, according to the chapter?
  9. How did the faith commitment of the early Jewish believers impact their understanding of the three pillars of Judaism: monotheism, the Torah, and the temple?
  10. How did Jews and Christians interpret the Hebrew Scriptures differently?