The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


19. Paul, Judaism, and the Law

Questions for Review

  1. What does the word “Torah” mean?
  2. In the OT, according to the chapter, what is the relationship between grace and Torah?
  3. How did the Babylonian exile blur the line between “getting in” the covenant and “staying in” the covenant?
  4. What is meant by the phrase “oral tradition of the Pharisees” and why is this phrase important with regard to the issue of Paul and the law?
  5. How did the Damascus Road experience shape and change Paul’s understanding of the law?
  6. What does “covenantal nomism” mean and how does it relate to the debate regarding Paul and the law?
  7. Some people are critical of the influence of Martin Luther and the Reformation on our understanding of Paul and the law. Why?
  8. What is “fundamental to Paul” according to the New Perspective?
  9. What are the Jewish badges of identity that Paul had in mind when he used the phrase “works of the law,” according to the New Perspective?
  10. Why should Paul not be considered an antinomian?