The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


15. From the Preaching of Jesus to the Kerygma of the Early Church

Questions for Review

  1. What does the word “kerygma” mean and why is it important for our understanding of the Gospels and Acts?
  2. Why is the traditional title “Acts of the Apostles” somewhat misleading?
  3. According to the beginning of Acts, how does Luke understand Acts in relation to the Gospel of Luke?
  4. To whom was Acts written and when was it written?
  5. Why is it surprising that the proclaimed message we see in Acts does not (usually) include any kingdom language or the word “good news”?
  6. What are the seven elements of early preaching as identified by Dodd?
  7. Why have some scholars advocated that Acts be entitled “Acts of the Holy Spirit”?
  8. What are the categories of sermons in Acts, as presented in the chapter?
  9. What is meant by the phrase “the ‘we’ passages” with regard to Acts?
  10. What sort of sources may lie behind Acts?