The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


12. The Gospel according to Matthew

Questions for Review

  1. How does Matthew serve as a “bridge from the old [Testament] to the new”?
  2. Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew? To whom was he writing? When did he write?
  3. Explain Matthew’s sources in light of the theory of Markan Priority.
  4. What are the five major sections of discourse in Matthew?
  5. How might Matthew 4:17 and 16:21 be significant to our understanding of the structure of Matthew?
  6. How often does Matthew quote or allude to the OT? How does this compare to the other Gospels?
  7. Why does Matthew tend to use the phrase “kingdom of heaven” in place of “kingdom of God”?
  8. Discuss the importance of each of the christological titles in Matthew.
  9. What is significant about Matthew’s usage of the term “church” in his Gospel?
  10. Briefly describe the life setting of Matthew’s community.