The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


6. The “Historical” Jesus

Questions for Review

  1. What role did the Enlightenment play in the search for the historical Jesus?
  2. What is the difference between the following two phrases: “historical Jesus” and “Jesus of history”?
  3. Briefly describe the impact that Reimarus had on the study of the historical Jesus. What about Strauss, Renan, and Wrede?
  4. In what way does Schweitzer interpret the historical Jesus? How successful is his reconstruction?
  5. What did the early questers mean by “historical”?
  6. How did Bultmann criticize the early quest for the historical Jesus? What did he suggest instead?
  7. How can the “new quest” for the historical Jesus be differentiated from the early quest?
  8. How does the “third quest” differ from the first two?
  9. What contributions has the Jesus Seminar made to the study of the historical Jesus?
  10. What role did the resurrection of Jesus play regarding the christology of the earliest followers of Jesus?