The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


5. The Message of Jesus

Questions for Review

  1. What did Jesus mean when he used the phrase “kingdom of God”?
  2. What is meant when it is said that the kingdom of God is dynamic and not static?
  3. Briefly sketch how the concept of the kingdom of God is found in the OT?
  4. How do non-OT Jewish documents portray the concept of the kingdom of God?
  5. What is John the Baptist’s role regarding the kingdom of God, as presented in the Gospels?
  6. How do Jesus’ deeds communicate the kingdom of God?
  7. Explain the idea of “the overlap of the ages” with regard to the kingdom of God.
  8. Why were many Jews of Jesus’ day not willing to accept the notion of a suffering Messiah who would ultimately die?
  9. Why does the language of “restoration” or “reconstitution” not suffice with regard to Jesus’ preaching of the kingdom of God?
  10. What is meant by the statement that “the kingdom is inseparable from [Jesus’] person and his mission”?