The New Testament

A Historical and Theological Introduction


3. The World of the New Testament

Questions for Review

  1. What is the Babylonian exile and why is it important for understanding the NT?
  2. What sort of impact did Greek becoming the lingua franca have on the milieu in which the NT formed?
  3. Who was Antiochus IV and why is he important to more fully understand the background of the NT?
  4. Give a brief account of the Maccabean revolt through the end of the Hasmonean period.
  5. What seems to be the general feeling of the Jewish people toward Roman rule and why is this important to understanding the NT?
  6. Who were the Pharisees and how can they be characterized? The Sadducees? The Essenes? The Zealots?
  7. Who were the scribes, what did they do, and why are they important with regard to the NT?
  8. Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls so significant with regard to the NT?
  9. Describe the Mishnah and briefly relate its history.
  10. What was Gnosticism and why is it significant with regard to the NT?