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The New Testament and Ethics

A Book-by-Book Survey

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This convenient text utilizes material from the well-received Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics to introduce students to the use of the New Testament for moral formation. This handy and affordable book-by-book survey of the New Testament contains key articles written by leading scholars and targeted to the needs of the classroom. It will serve as an excellent supplementary text in New Testament courses.


Introduction    Joel B. Green
1. Overview
Ethics in Scripture    Allen Verhey
Scripture in Christian Ethics    Charles H. Cosgrove
New Testament Ethics    Charles H. Cosgrove
2. Gospels and Acts
Matthew    Robert L. Brawley
Mark    Robert L. Brawley
Luke   Robert L. Brawley
John   Robert L. Brawley
Acts    Robert L. Brawley
3. Pauline Epistles
Romans    Victor Paul Furnish
1 Corinthians    David G. Horrell
2 Corinthians    David J. Downs
Galatians    Victor Paul Furnish
Ephesians    Jerry L. Sumney
Philippians    Victor Paul Furnish
Colossians    Jerry L. Sumney
1-2 Thessalonians    Jerry L. Sumney
1-2 Timothy    David J. Downs
Titus    David J. Downs
Philemon    Victor Paul Furnish
4. Catholic Epistles and Revelation
Hebrews    David A. deSilva
James    David Hutchinson Edgar
1 Peter    J. de Waal Dryden
2 Peter    J. de Waal Dryden
1-3 John    Ruth Anne Reese
Jude    J. de Waal Dryden
Book of Revelation    Kendra Jo Haloviak
5. Selected Topics New Testament Ethics
Fruit of the Spirit Gary M. Simpson
Golden Rule Michael Westmoreland-White
Healthcare Systems in Scripture Joel B. Green
Kingdom of God Bruce Chilton
Lists of Vices and Virtues David J. Downs
Love Command Thomas W. Ogletree
Love of Enemy Sondra E. Wheeler
Love of Neighbor Nijay K. Gupta
Sermon on the Mount Glen H. Stassen
Use of Parables in Ethics John R. Donahue
6. Beyond the New Testament
Apostolic Fathers    Clayton N. Jefford
Didache    Clayton N. Jefford

The Author

  1. Joel B. Green

    Joel B. Green

    Joel B. Green (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is provost, dean of the School of Theology, and professor of New Testament interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He is the author or editor of numerous books, including the...

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"This survey, written by an ecumenical team of authors scanning the ethical teaching of the New Testament, is drawn from a larger resource, the Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics. . . . [The contributions] give the reader a sense of the many issues involved in the serious and compelling work of turning to the New Testament for ethical guidance in today's world."

Donald Senior, CP,

The Bible Today

"This book is explicitly derived from the earlier, much larger volume, Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics. . . . Why this book? A reasonable answer is: to provide a volume that in both size and cost is suitable for use in an undergraduate classroom as an introductory text. . . . It fits that niche quite well. The same excellent contributors are allowed to speak to a wider audience. . . . This is a valuable book for its intended function, and the bibliographies with each essay will guide a student to other works in a very useful way. If I teach Christian ethics to undergraduates again, I will very probably select this work."

Wendell Willis,

Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"[A] highly readable volume. . . . Utilizing key articles previously published in the acclaimed Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics, the present volume makes a short and yet impressive supplementary classroom textbook. . . . The book-focused essays of approximately two to three pages in length are written with clarity and evident concern to sketch the moral issues explicitly addressed in every book of the NT. . . . This is a much-needed textbook."

Beniamin Pascut,

Religious Studies Review

"This convenient text makes essays selected from [the Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics] more readily available for use in classroom and personal study, providing a book-by-book survey."


"Recommend to customers taking . . . New Testament courses."

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