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The Truth about the Most Effective Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements for Common Conditions

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Evidence-based advice you can trust

When it comes to natural medicines such as herbs, vitamins, and dietary supplements, you want to make sure you're getting the truth about what works, what is safe, and what is a waste of money or even dangerous. You need evidence-based, trustworthy, unbiased sources and studies so that you can make wise decisions for yourself and your family.

In consultation with the experts at and Natural MedicinesTM, Dr. Walt Larimore has combed the available research from around the globe to evaluate almost 1,300 natural medicines or interventions for about 500 conditions or indications. Featuring many helpful charts and tables, this reliable guide will tell you what natural medicines have proven to be both safe and effective while suggesting the best-value "Top Picks" for health issues such as

· brain and heart health
· digestive and immune health
· energy and fatigue
· losing weight
· keeping hair, skin, and nails young
· increasing the quality and length of your life
· and many more

Arranged topically so you can go directly to the information you need, this comprehensive, trustworthy guide is a resource you'll return to again and again.

Walt Larimore, MD, has been a family physician for over forty years. The bestselling author of the Bryson City books and The Best Medicine, as well as dozens of other books and hundreds of articles, he was the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from Marquis Who's Who in 2019. He's been listed in Distinguished Physicians of AmericaThe Best Doctors in America, Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and the Guide to America's Top Family Doctors. Both the Christian Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians have named him their "Educator of the Year." He writes a bimonthly health column, "Ask Dr. Walt," for Today's Christian Living magazine, formerly hosted the Ask the Family Doctor show on Fox's Health Network, and has been a frequent guest on a wide variety of television and radio shows. Dr. Larimore and his wife live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


"I highly recommend this informative book. In it you will find reliable, independent evidence that will help inform your health-related decisions."

from the foreword by Dónal O'Mathúna, PhD, associate professor in the Ohio State University College of Nursing and associate professor in the School of Nursing & Human Sciences at Dublin City University, Ireland

"I strongly recommend Dr. Larimore's new book as a much-needed and intensely evidence-based resource on natural medicines. . . . Anyone reading this book will gain the skills needed to ask and answer the right questions about whether to and how to incorporate natural medicines as part of their healthy lifestyle."

Reid B. Blackwelder, MD, FAAFP, professor and chair, Department of Family Medicine, Quillen College of Medicine; past president, American Academy of Family Physicians

"Dr. Larimore undertakes a heroic effort to assemble and synthesize a vast amount of data on commonly used natural medicines. The result is an entirely digestible and ultimately useful guide for patients and practitioners alike."

Matthew A. Ciorba, MD, gastroenterologist, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

"A terrific handbook that sheds light on an exceedingly opaque topic. In the world of brain health, navigating the landscape of herbs, vitamins, and supplements can be particularly complex and treacherous. Dr. Larimore's approach is direct and comprehensive and will certainly help numerous patients and their families make informed and safe decisions."

Jacob N. Hall, MD, clinical assistant professor of neurology and neurological sciences, Stanford Center for Memory Disorders, Palo Alto, CA

"Dr. Larimore presents a truly practical approach in his Natural Medications Handbook. The book defines wellness and disease- related natural medication advice, while also emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This book provides extensive information and data that can be easily translated into excellent advice for patients."

Sandra L. Argenio, MD, Past President, Florida Academy of Family Physicians; Family Medicine Emeritus Faculty, Mayo Clinic Florida, Jacksonville, FL

"An outstanding compendium outlining the clinical data associated with a large number of supplements. Dr. Larimore, as a physician who has been involved in the natural medicine marketplace for decades, brings a scientific and objective perspective to the field, carefully showing us what we know and don't know about each supplement."

Matthew Budoff, MD, professor of medicine, UCLA; Endowed Chair of Preventive Cardiology, Lundquist Institute, Torrance, CA

"The world of natural medicines is a jungle of misinformation and confusion. Dr. Larimore has dissected that confusion to provide reliable, independent information that will help you find the safest path forward to discern what is truly safe and effective."

Robert Griffith, MD, FAAD, Alabama Dermatology Associates, Northport, AL

"Walt Larimore helps us understand that diet, exercise, and moderate habits are the foundations for our health, and he also empowers us to use nonprescription remedies without a doctor's order when they are safe and effective. . . . If you are open to the best available information for a healthy lifestyle, this handbook can help you. If you want the best information about nonprescription remedies for the minor problems that affect us all, this handbook can help you. If you, your family, and your friends are confused by clever marketers who take your money for fake products or even for reliable pills that simply don't work, this handbook can help you."

Marc Raphaelson, MD, FAAN, FAASM, neurologist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Martinsburg, WV

"This well-researched natural medicine handbook is informative and practical. It ranks the natural products with potential benefits and harm--and everything in between. The material is presented in such a way that one can research by the supplement one is considering or by accessing the medical condition a person is addressing. What a wonderful resource for all of us."

Mary Anne Nelson, MD, FAAFP, family physician, Cedar Rapids, IA

"This book takes the guesswork out of natural supplements. Dr Larimore does a great job laying out the positives and the negatives of natural medicines."

Steve Foley, MD, FACOG, Regenerative Health and Wellness, Colorado Springs, CO

"Due to all the hype and sheer volume of advertisements, internet searches, and word-of-mouth recommendations touting the 'amazing' benefits of any number of vitamins, supplements, and natural remedies, not a day goes by without my being asked about at least one of these topics. Thank you, Dr. Larimore, for creating this much-needed resource, which so clearly lays out what has been backed up by sound studies, what has been shown to have little or no positive effect on a particular medical condition, and what is frankly dangerous to patients. You have made my life a bit easier and my medical advice to patients inquiring about such supplements much better informed!"

Susan Henriksen, MD, family physician, Glen Rock, PA

"As a busy family physician, I am always searching for high-yield information that is easy to read and provides meaningful value to my practice and my patients. This latest book by Dr. Larimore hits all of those marks and gives me the confidence I need to practice holistic evidenced-based medicine."

Huy Luu, DO, DABFM, International Medical Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan

"In our current age of overwhelming information regarding our health, Dr. Larimore's book cuts through the chaos. He uses scientific evidence paired with his expertise as a medical doctor to make this a comprehensive and reliable guide. Highly recommended!"

Cherec Morrison, MD, family physician, Tulsa, OK

"I would recommend this well-researched, concise book to all my patients, especially in an age when more and more people are seeking out and using natural medicines."

Sam Kammerzell, DO, family physician, Tulsa, OK

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  1. Walt Larimore MD

    Walt Larimore MD

    Walt Larimore, MD, has been a family physician for nearly 40 years. The bestselling author of the Bryson City books and The Best Medicine, he has been called "one of America's best-known family physicians" and was the recipient of a...

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