The Mystery

Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers

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True love exists--and it's worth pursuing.

The pain of life can make us want to turn our backs on the idea of love. We want to be smarter than the next heartbreak. Yet our hearts still burn when we encounter the purest forms of love. So in our brokenness we keep trying to create love, but it ends up being a version of something filtered through our wounds--twisted and torn--until we no longer recognize it. 

Through raw, honest, and personal stories, rock princess Lacey Sturm shows you why true love is difficult and often painful--but still worth it. On the journey she recognizes destructive patterns in her own relationships, heals from past wounds, finds a way to trust again, and discovers a vision for a flourishing love that heals us, frees us--and is something we can believe in. 

Praise for Lacey Sturm's writing

"Fresh. Passionate. Powerful."--Chap Clark, PhD, author of Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers

"Lacey Sturm is a voice of hope to a hurting generation."--Nick Hall, founder and primary communicator of PULSE

Originally the voice behind the platinum-selling international rock band Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm is now a solo artist. Lacey speaks for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its Rock the River events. She cofounded the Whosoever Movement and helped begin the RESET movement as one of their key speakers. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. Learn more at

The Author

  1. Lacey Sturm
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    Lacey Sturm

    Lacey Sturm is a mother, wife, writer, speaker, and musician. Originally the voice behind the platinum-selling international rock band Flyleaf, she released her first solo project in 2016, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hard Rock Album chart. Lacey knows...

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Praise for The Reason

"Fresh. Passionate. Powerful. Lacey Sturm does in The Reason what she has done her whole career--she tells the truth, sings the truth, dances the truth. Her story will blow you away, and her heart will touch you. Read The Reason. Just like her voice and presence, Lacey's writing compels and penetrates, and in the end she will change you."--Chap Clark, PhD, author of Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers

"In a time where the gulf between sacred and secular seems to grow incrementally, Lacey bridges the gap with her soul-bearing candor, raw passion, and prophetic insight. She communicates the comedy, tragedy, and triumph of her life story with fluidity and grace, and her message is timelessly impactful. It 'screams' of Jesus Christ, who is alive and active today, even in our darkest times, and the great news that no one is beyond his reach."--John L. Cooper, lead singer of Skillet

"At its core Lacey's story is one of hope. From desperation to redemption to victory, this is an amazing journey that, apart from God, would not be possible. Hers is a story that will encourage and challenge all who read it."--Michael W. Smith, singer and songwriter

"I have been fortunate to witness Lacey grow from singer/songwriter to wife to mommy to now author. She is an amazing soul with a heart like no other. Her life and her story have been such an encouragement to me, and I know this book will also inspire and change you forever."--Sonny Sandoval, lead singer of P.O.D. and founding member of The Whosoevers

"Lacey has touched so many lives around the world through her music. Her story will hit your heart."--Ryan Ries, cofounder of The Whosoevers

"Lacey Sturm is a voice of hope to a hurting generation. In her book you will experience God's unstoppable heart for you and for those in your life who need a supernatural reset. Lacey's message is real, raw, and dripping with love. Dive in and be blessed!"--Nick Hall, founder and primary communicator of PULSE