The Most Misused Verses in the Bible

Surprising Ways God’s Word Is Misunderstood

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Are you sure you know what your favorite Bible verses mean?

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
--Philippians 4:13
"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"
--Jeremiah 29:11
"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good."
--Romans 8:28

These and a surprising number of well-known Scripture passages are commonly misused or misunderstood. Even well-intentioned Christians take important verses out of context, and pastor Eric J. Bargerhuff has seen the effects: confusion, poor decisions, and a distorted view of God's Word.

In this concise yet thorough book, Bargerhuff helps all of us understand what these verses meant when they were written so we can apply them accurately today. Providing fascinating historical and scriptural insights, he shows how to read God's promises and instructions in context and appreciate even more the Bible's eternal message.


"This is a book that is long overdue and I gladly commend it to you."
--Tim Challies, author and pastor

This is the book you've always wanted to help you figure out how to explain why that verse doesn't mean what so many people use it to mean. In brief chapters and understandable language, this book provides clear explanations of those verses we've heard misused again and again. What a great resource for individuals or for groups who want to have a lively discussion that challenges long-held misunderstandings of Scripture.

Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author of the SEEING JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT Bible Study series

Eric Bargerhuff has done the church a great service in selecting a list of verses we are prone to misuse and patiently and winsomely explaining what they really mean and how they actually apply to us. This is a book that is long overdue and I gladly commend it to you.

Tim Challies, author and pastor

Every now and then [a book] comes along that makes me think, 'I cannot believe it took this long for someone to write this book.' Such is the case with Eric Bargerhuff's latest....By looking at the most commonly used and abused verses of Scripture, Pastor Bargerhuff brings clarity to these passages, and in doing so provides his readers with the accompanying benefit of an applied hermeneutics text.

Modern Reformation, book review by Brian W. Thomas

Eric Bargerhuff demonstrates that many well-known verses are commonly misunderstood and, consequently, misused. He explains how attending to historical, cultural, and literary context, word meaning, genre, and translation options can help us avoid interpretation and application errors and gain a deeper appreciation of the Bible's purpose and message.

Richard Schultz, Blanchard Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College, and author of Out of Context: How to Avoid Misinterpreting the Bible

The scholarship behind looking at the verses is impeccable...This is a book that should be a part of any vital study library.

Portland Book Review

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  1. Eric J. Bargerhuff
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    Eric J. Bargerhuff

    Eric J. Bargerhuff, PhD, is a professor of Bible and theology and the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Trinity College, as well as a Professor of Bible and Theology and the Director of the Honors Program. He served in pastoral ministry for more than...

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