The Maiden's Sword

series: Seekers

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Powerful Historical Fiction From the European Reformation

In The Maiden's Sword, Pieter-Lucas and Aletta struggle to find their way in a world at war. Pieter-Lucas believes his calling is to save lives, not destroy them, but must decide whether he will support the war effort as a secret messenger for William of Orange,. Aletta must decide whether she will administer herbal aid to wounded soldiers, risking her life in doing so. And together they must decide about their own upcoming marriage in the face of so much danger, and whether they will identify themselves with the Anabaptists through believers' baptism.

Through the three battles of the opening campaign of the Dutch Revolt, the superior power of God's Word to change lives is contrasted with that of the physical sword.

The Author

  1. Ethel Herr

    Ethel Herr

    Before her death in 2012, Ethel Herr was a writer/historian, writing instructor, women's speaker, and the founder/director of Literature Ministry Prayer Fellowship. Her published books include THE SEEKERS series, Chosen Women of the Bible, and An Introduction to...

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