The Maid of Ballymacool

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"A slow-building, delicious romance wrapped in a mystery!"--Erica Vetsch, author of the Thorndike & Swann Regency Mysteries

Brianna Kelly has worked at Ballymacool House and Boarding School since she was a wee girl and will likely die there. Despite a sense that she was made for something more, Brianna feels powerless to change her situation, so she consoles herself by exploring the Ballymacool grounds, looking for hidden treasures to add to the secret trove beneath the floorboards of her room.

When Michael Wray, the son of local gentry, is sent to Ballymacool to deal with his unruly cousin, he finds himself drawn to Brianna, immediately and inescapably. There is something about her that feels so . . . familiar.

When Brianna unearths an intriguing silver platter in the woods, she commits to learning its origins. Could the handsome newcomer hold the key? If so, their discovery could change everything.


"A slow-building, delicious romance wrapped in a mystery that unfolds with tantalizing clues to keep you guessing! I am a fan of Jennifer Deibel, and I think you will be too!"

Erica Vetsch, author of the Thorndike & Swann Regency Mysteries

The Author

  1. Jennifer Deibel
    Katherine Marini, Photography by Katherine Nicole

    Jennifer Deibel

    Jennifer Deibel is the author of A Dance in Donegal (winner of the Kipp Award for Historical Romance), The Lady of Galway Manor, The Maid of Ballymacool, and The Irish Matchmaker. With firsthand immersive experience abroad,...

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"Deibel's update on the Cinderella story features sympathetic, three-dimensional characters who are easy to root for as they find their way to one another in this page-turning plot."

Publishers Weekly

"Deibel once again inventively draws on Ireland's fascinating history as inspiration for a compassionate and compelling, sweet romance with a Celtic Cinderella-like flavor."


"Jennifer Deibel has done it again with The Maid of Ballymacool, a hopeful historical romance novel about unrelenting faith and new beginnings with just a pinch of mystery."


"The Maid of Ballymacool by Jennifer Deibel is an emotion-driven novel that will keep you reading until the last page. The story was brilliant and moving."

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