The Jesus Fast

The Call to Awaken the Nations

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Before there was ever a Jesus movement, there was a Jesus Fast.

Both a war manual and global summons to revival, The Jesus Fast is your guide to the most explosive weapon in the Christian arsenal: humility, expressed in fasting, combined with prayer. Using Jesus as the role model, Lou Engle and Dean Briggs reveal how extended fasting and the 40-day fast precede breakthrough and a true outpouring of the Spirit.

It's time for the next Jesus movement.

We stand at the brink of massive spiritual upheaval. Will God's people merely endure history, or shape it? As we seek His face together, the Church can significantly realign earth with heaven. We can turn the tide of evil in our lands, awaken the nations to the glory of Christ and forge hope out of despair.

This is the call. How will you answer?


"This is a very dangerous book."

Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; author, When Heaven Invades Earth

"The Jesus Fast will awaken within you a passion to fast and pray. . . . I, for one, have been ruined for anything else."

Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

"Prepare for your life to change. Your heart will burn with fresh passion to dream the dreams of God and to see a global awakening."

Karen Wheaton Towe, founder and president, The Ramp

"What Lou and Dean write in this book has the potential to change the course of history."

Brian Kim, president, Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS)

"Through Lou and Dean, God is preparing a generation for the greatest manifestation of God's glory in human history."

Eddie James, director, Eddie James Ministries

The Authors

  1. Lou Engle

    Lou Engle

    Lou Engle is both an intercessor for revival and visionary co-founder of TheCall, a prayer and fasting movement responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands around the globe ( Lou's life and teachings have inspired countless intercessors to...

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  2. Dean Briggs

    Dean Briggs

    Dean Briggs ( is a teacher, strategist, dreamer and intercessor who has ministered across the nation and in many nations of the earth As a former pastor and church planter, he has served TheCall both in national mobilization and as a trainer...

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