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Incredible True Stories of How God Is Moving in Our High Schools

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What happens when a former teenage atheist hears God's call to do the impossible--and decides to act on it?

In this riveting true story, Brian Barcelona recounts how, just a few months after graduation, he responded to God's directive and returned to his high school campus to preach the Gospel to the students. He had no training, no resources and no experience. Just raw passion and obedience.

Suddenly lives began to change. Teens from every background were healed of suicidal thoughts, the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, identity crises and much more. Hearts were saved. Entire families were healed. The Jesus Club's numbers grew, and soon other schools joined in. From one simple act of obedience, thousands of teens were, and still are, letting Jesus heal their lives.

And this is only the beginning of the story! God is moving powerfully in our nation's high schools. And if you are willing, you, too, can be part of the revival that is transforming a generation.

"The Jesus Club will ignite within you a greater passion for Jesus and an unstoppable faith to see God move in the lives of students."--Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

"This book can be understood only as a storyline straight from the pen of the Author of our faith. Read, and watch hope explode in your soul. God's not done with America!"--Lou Engle, co-founder, TheCall


"What a gift Brian Barcelona has given us by sharing the profound stories of what God is doing on campuses. The Jesus Club will ignite within you a greater passion for Jesus and an unstoppable faith to see God move in the lives of students. Hearing the stories of what God has done and is doing in our day is critical if we are to move from just talking about revival to actually seeing a generation changed by the love and power of God." 

Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

"What you are about to read can only be understood as storyline straight from the pen of the Author of our faith. For years at The Call gatherings we have cried out for a young generation to encounter Jesus. I believe this is one dramatic answer to the cries of thousands. Brian Barcelona and a company of young students have believed for the impossible and dared to step into it. Read and watch hope explode in your soul. God's not done with America!"

Lou Engle, co-founder, TheCall

"Brian Barcelona is seeing America's schools set ablaze with the Fire of God. What he teaches he has lived and continues to model. This book will provoke, challenge and inspire you. It will give you fresh faith to see the next generation won to Christ."

Daniel Kolenda, president and CEO, Christ for all Nations

"Though young in years, Brian Barcelona reminds me of a modern-day David. Preaching in the high schools of America? That's a crazy idea! Yet by taking simple steps of obedience, Brian walks through the spiritual strongholds and sees doors open where you would least expect them. Truly, with God, all things are possible. Let this book challenge you about what can happen when you put your hope and trust in Jesus and step out in faith just as Brian did."

Loren Cunningham, founder, Youth With A Mission

"God places favor on people's lives for the task at hand. This favor has been placed on Brian Barcelona and the One Voice Student Missions team. I have been involved with and have seen Brian's passion for students to know about Jesus! It is absolutely amazing what is happening in the high schools right now! If you ever have felt hopeless about our school system in America, this is a must-read!"

Todd White, president, Lifestyle Christianity,

"My senior year of high school I had no idea about who God was until I stepped into Laguna Creek High's auditorium. That day I was introduced to Brian, and from there forward, his guidance helped mold me into the man I am today. Since knowing Brain I've built a strong relationship with God. I've slipped and fallen a thousand times and I will probably fall a thousand more, but now I know through my faith that you can always get back up. This book is powerful, and it can change your life in the way Brian changed mine."

Don Jackson, NFL running back, Green Bay Packers 

"The Jesus Club chronicles the miracle journey of a movement that is significantly impacting the youth of California. Brian Barcelona writes with the passion of a man who has been encountered by Jesus and His heart for the lost. In this book are the seeds of campus revivals all over America." 

Jude Fouquier, pastor, The City Church Ventura

"I met Brian Barcelona during the summer of 2010. Brian was a very energetic, personable and sincere person, and I was immediately taken by his passion for helping high school kids. Over the following two years, Brian's presence on campus had a positive impact on our students and staff. Brian's deep faith and trust in God, combined with his taking time to listen to kids and meet them where they are in life, is why his clubs make a difference."

Doug Craig, high school principal

"Brian has brilliantly presented how the Lord can take broken individuals and weave lives, circumstances and obedience to the glory of His name. I watched the Gospel come to life and realized Brian's messages were impacting countless lives. In this season, a new boldness and faith grew in me that I had never known before. May the message in this book become the launching mechanism for you that it was for me."

Eric Johnson, teacher, Laguna Creek High School

"Something supernatural was birthed the day Brian Barcelona encountered God at a conference, and ever since he has had a passion for students. If you desire to be on campuses reaching students with Jesus' love, The Jesus Club will help propel you to take that next step. Brian provides simple and effective tools to getting on the campuses and staying encouraged as you continue. As you read, be inspired and let the Holy Spirit lead you as you seek to reach the students in your city."

Jeremy Johnson, lead pastor, Fearless LA Church

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    Brian Barcelona

    Brian Barcelona ( is an author, a speaker and the founder of One Voice Student Missions and The Jesus Clubs. He ministers to millions each month through digital media, including Instagram, TikTok, Zoom and YouTube. Brian lives with...

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