The Hope of Heaven

How the Promise of Eternity Changes Everything

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Can heaven really give us hope here and now? We know we're supposed to look forward to heaven, and we certainly feel there must be something better than the pain, disappointment, and grief we experience in this world. But we still have so many questions about eternity, like

· Is heaven real?
· What is heaven like?
· Will heaven heal our disappointments?
· Does everyone go to heaven?
· Will my pets be there?
· What will I look like in heaven?
· Will I see and know my family and friends?

Beloved author Sheila Walsh takes you deep into Scripture to answer these questions and more. With great compassion and engaging personal stories, she encourages you to endure the trials of this life by keeping an eye on the glorious reality of our forever home.

For anyone weary of this broken world, this vivid picture of our eternal future offers a hope that changes how we experience every day we spend alive on earth--if we let it.

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  1. Sheila Walsh
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    Sheila Walsh

    Sheila Walsh is an author, Bible teacher, two-time Grammy nominee, and television host who has spoken to over six million people around the world. She cohosts several shows, including Praise and Better Together, on TBN, America's most-watched...

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