The Hope Before Us

series: Women of Valor

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The Exciting Conclusion to the WOMEN OF VALOR series!Will They Escape the Sinister Forces That Are Closing in on Them?

Uncovering a diabolical Nazi plot, Marge Emerson is secretly reassigned to a medical post in France. There she meets a conscientious objector and finds his outspoken belief in God a challenge to her own fragile faith. When David shares his desire to return to Europe after the war and build an orphanage for Germany's homeless children, Marge is drawn to this selfless, compassionate man.

Marge's sister, a war correspondent, is recruited for intelligence work by an American secret service agency and quickly becomes involved in an intricate web of espionage. Em's fledgling relationship with a fellow correspondent is threatened by his concern over the dangerous risks she willingly embraces. When Marge and Em are unexpectedly reunited in France, they attempt a daring rescue.

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  1. Elyse Larson

    Elyse Larson

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