The Heart of the Gospel

The Theology behind the Master Plan of Evangelism

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For more than forty years, Robert E. Coleman's bestselling The Master Plan of Evangelism has been the standard in evangelism literature. Based on decades of classroom teaching, The Heart of the Gospel offers a systematic theology of evangelism that will ground and inform our practice of spreading the Good News. Each chapter covers a major biblical doctrine, explains its various evangelical interpretations, treats misconceptions that adversely affect evangelism, and offers practical applications of the doctrine. This is the capstone book from a veteran evangelist, teacher, and author.


"With the keen mind of a theologian and the warm heart of an evangelist, Robert Coleman displays how evangelism is the heartbeat of all theology. This work is biblical and practical--vintage Coleman!"--Timothy K. Beougher, Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"I have waited over thirty-five years for this book! It was the life and teaching of Dr. Coleman that convinced me of the inseparable link between evangelism and theology, and this has resulted in several books that I have written. Now we have a comprehensive treatment from the master himself in the style of biblical and theological writing that is devotionally rich and practically helpful, which we have come to expect from Robert Coleman."--Ajith Fernando, national director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

"Here is the theology of the Gospel in classic Wesleyan dress, vividly presented by one of its most honored veteran expositors. All who love the Lord will find this a heartwarming read."--J. I. Packer, Board of Governors Professor of Theology, Regent College

"This magnificent study by Robert Coleman will undoubtedly become a classic among theologies of evangelism. With great personal sensitivity and elegant simplicity, he places the question of 'Why evangelism?' into a biblical and theological context that is larger than many of us know. His study could very well ignite an evangelical fire within our hearts. This is a genuinely inspiring and instructive book not to miss--a must-read."--John A. Woodbridge, research professor of church history and Christian thought, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"What rich wisdom learned from a life lived in the Word and in the teaching and practice of evangelism! Coleman's love for both the Gospel and the Christ of the Gospel is contagious. Read and learn and worship."--Dennis F. Kinlaw, president, Francis Asbury Society

"When Robert Coleman and I taught together at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, students would often tell me that his classes changed their lives, and I think that will also happen with those who read this book. He brings all the great doctrines of the Bible to bear on the topic to which he has devoted his life: the wonderful Gospel of salvation through Christ alone. Though Coleman writes from a Wesleyan/Arminian perspective, at many points he graciously explains the Calvinistic Reformed view and shows when both sides can agree regarding evangelism. He also warns against many false gospels today that deviate from the truth of the Bible. This book will awaken readers' hearts to proclaim the Gospel, and no doubt to worship God."--Wayne Grudem, research professor of theology and biblical studies, Phoenix Seminary

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  1. Robert E. Coleman
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    Robert E. Coleman

    Robert E. Coleman is distinguished professor emeritus of evangelism and discipleship at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also served as dean of the Billy Graham International Schools of Evangelism as well as director of the Billy Graham Center Institute...

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